Process and facility specific to
improve efficiency and productivity.

Infinity High Purity Systems can customize any solution to meet the customers needs including, but not limited to:

  • Point of use gas panels
    • Multi and single gas point of use panels
      • Regulation
      • Isolation
      • Safety Systems
    • Purge systems
      • Multiple or Single gas
      • Vacuum based or venturi design
  • Gas source panels
    • Custom designed to fit your budget
    • Simple single valve isolation panels
    • More complex vent/purge panels
    • Even more complex vacuum/purge cycle panels
    • Other gas panel vendor integration
  • Custom Vacuum Systems
    • From low vacuum to ultra-high vacuum systems and components
  • Custom Control and Monitoring solutions
  • Onsite integration and installation of process equipment and related support equipment
Custom built point of use panel with quick disconnects. 

Custom built point of use panel with quick disconnects.