Custom design for all of your high purity gas flow needs.

Automated Gas Cabinets.png

Automated Gas Cabinets

Self-contained for worry free operation

Fully automated gas cabinets for any variety of gas flow system custom built for process specific usage scenarios.

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Gas Panels

You Dream it, we build it

Infinity High Purity Systems specializes in custom gas panels like this one we designed and built for a leading emissions testing facility.



Trust our knowledge and expertise

Why risk your investment to a general contractor with no experience in high purity gases?  We bring the same detailed attention to installing our systems as we do to designing them.  We provide on-site installation of our high purity gas systems anywhere in the US.

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You're in good hands with Infinity

Whatever your application, if it involves high purity gases our knowledgeable staff can help ensure you get a system that is safe, cost-effective and reliable that will provide years of trouble-free service.